stop being a screamer

11:17 PM

Once you were on the computer chatting with your friend. Your friend gives your one link. She said that the link is about a game which you need to find different between two pictures. She challenges you to beat her high score. So you played that game.

You played that game at a long time off period. But you still cannot find the different. Until there is a really scary black and white monster screaming at the screen. What do you feel at that time?

All of you, at the end of my speech, I really want that all of you stop being screamer. What is sreamer..??

The screamer also known as a Prank Flash is a simple and yet extremely effective way to make people shit bricks. They take you by surprise, they're horrifying and the worst of all you can't unseen them.

Why I’m the one who want to persuade all of you to stop being screamer? Because I’m one of the victim of this silly game.

buang tebiat ape tetiba speaking lak. nie gara2 public speaking pagi tadi la. aku frust giler seh. semua yang aku rancang semua tak menjadi. dah la tak pasal2 aku tetiba gabra. sebab ape yang aku rancang untuk slide tak menjadi. geram giler. rasa nak buat balik. tapi lecturer suruh teruskan jugak. adeih.

impian untuk score sekurangnya B+ untuk public speaking memang hancur berkecai la. memang dah tak boleh buat ape dah. sedih sangat. ape yang aku boleh buat sekarang berdoa jela semoga miss tue baek hati dan paham kenapa aku jadi macam tue tadi. jangan la dia tolak markah aku banyak sangat.

please stop being sreamer...!!!!!^_^

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